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Publishing that doesn't suck

Founded 2016, by Aubrey Huff and Stephen Cassar

  • The publishing industry has changed a lot in the past decade. Looking for agents and publishers for Aubrey's first book quickly revealed that traditional publishers can't help much beyond printing and distribution. And self-publishing is not an easy road either.

  • Yes, DreamGrinder Press prints and distributes books to all major channels, but that's just the beginning. We can also take care of writing, editing and formatting your book, creating cover art and layout, as well as marketing, and publicity. All without ripping you off.

Here's The Scoop

Please contact us if you have other questions.

  • Do you accept submissions from anyone?

    No. Right now, we only work with Sports Professionals and other Celebrities. Our current goal is 3 or 4 projects a year.

  • How do I get in touch?

    Reach out to us using the form on the next page. Please allow a few business days for a response.

  • What kind of projects are a good fit?

    Pretty much anything we would enjoy ourselves. Especially strong stories by strong characters. Have your people talk to our people.

  • Where do I send media inquiries?

    Use the contact form on the next page to reach out. We will forward all media and publicity inquiries to our publicist Kathy Jacobson from KJPR.

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DreamGrinder Press, Inc. San Diego, CA